Looking for More from Your Teaching Career?

Private studio and classroom music teachers are known (and often expected) to be overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here at Musiciative, you will find the tools and training you need to attract new students, increase your income, become more productive, and enjoy the career you imagined when you first started teaching.

Join the Musiciative community to start learning the skills we should have been taught in music school.

You've worked too hard to end up this stressed.

After all the years of schooling and teaching experience, you were meant for more. To make a greater difference in students' lives.

But you can't do that if you're overworked, stressed, and broke.

Musiciative is all about building your entrepreneurial skills to build a teaching life you can be proud of (income and work-life balance included). What sets this site apart from your typical marketing blog for music teachers comes from these 3 fundamental principles.

Find Your Purpose

What is the change you want to make in the world with your teaching? By finding your bigger picture, everything else becomes more exciting.

Build Your Skills

Learn to level up your productivity, marketing, and money management skills. Stop looking for shortcuts just to get students in the door.

Own Your Work

Whether you work for a school or are already working for yourself, you need to produce generous work that you are proud of and will make a difference.

About Me.

Hi. My name is Jonathan Roberts. In 2018, I hit a crossroads that changed my life. 

I realized that, after a decade of music school and five years of teaching, I was only making $32,000 a year working 40 hours a week at a community music school. I didn't have a future to look forward to.

I decided enough was enough and quit.

Since then, I started my own community music school from scratch that now has nearly 140 students. Along the way, I tripled my income.

But, the best part is, I gained control of my destiny. Now, I can create true positive change, both for our students and the incredible teachers I work with.

I created Musiciative to share all I've learned about marketing, productivity, wellness, and financial health.

It's the education we should have received in music school.

That's what Musiciative is for.

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Take Control of Your Finances

Most music teachers don't make enough money to live comfortably, let alone build wealth. But, increasing your income won't solve the problem. Changing your approach to handling your income will. We'll give you the tools and inspiration you need here.

Learn Modern Marketing

Marketing is often confused with advertising. Buying ad space, hoping something sticks, and trying to find any students by any means. This is ineffective and frustrating. True marketing is another form of teaching. With a modern marketing approach that focuses on clarity, you will find the students you truly seek to serve and become more connected with your purpose in teaching.

Become More Productive

All the tools, tips, and training in the world won't make a difference if you struggle with productivity. It's not about getting something done every spare minute. That's just stressful. Instead, it's about enhancing your focus and planning your time with intent. Whether it's a project with your teaching or relaxing with your family.

Build Your Audience

The key to a building a sustainable teaching career is learning how to build an audience over time. Most of the "gurus" discourage this because it's not a quick process. And that's true. But, by building your audience, you will gain respect and authority. You will become top of mind when someone wants to work with you. No plug-and-play solution can do that for you. But, most music teachers have no idea where to begin. We'll show you how to get started.

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